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Guitarist Gold

Here's something we're all VERY proud to announce ~ our first '5-Star Gold' award from "Guitarist" - Europe's #1 guitar magazine, which enjoys Worldwide circulation.

"Guitarist" magazine reviews many hundreds of guitar products over the course of a year...but only a handful are considered 'flawless', with no negative points at all ~ we've been very close with other products over the last several years, but our Pill Bottle Slides and 2011 'new generation' solid lead crystal tone-bar range have blown away the reviewer.....his comments are posted on the relevent product pages here on our website.

In the words of our local rock legend, Robert Plant ~ "It's been a long time, been a long time....."

I'll begin by bringing some sad news...our good friend & slide guru; afficionado and R & D main-man Barry Weber passed away last year from bladder cancer. A much-loved man and wonderful slide guitarist, Barry will be sadly missed by all and we'll be keeping his picture in his memory lower down this page.....

Our brand-new 2011 lead crystal tone-bars are really stirring up a storm! Specially created for us by our glassblowing team, they offer excellent durability, superb workable weight due to the 'heavy glass core' and tougher outer 'skin', and are available in a dozen fantastic colors & patterns.....pictures will be added to this website shortly, but in the meantime if you're interested in one of these amazing new bars, please contact us & we'll e-mail a selection of photo's to you.

We welcome Will Scott, an awesome Americana / Roots / slide guitarist into our stable (www.willscottmusic.com) ~ Will is a well-known recording & touring artist and now a Diamond Bottlenecks endorser....hope to catch up with Will when he tours the U.K. later this year!

We're very honored indeed to welcome the legendary New York producer / session guitarist Tony Davilio (www.tonydavilio.com) into our endorsers stable ~ check out Tony's back-catalogue of amazing work!

We're also pround & honored to welcome Matt Umanov Guitars in New York City as our first East Coast U.S.A. 'Diamond Dealer' ~ one of the most famous guitar stores in N.Y.C., Zeke & Alex will be happy to demonstrate our sliding glassware to their customers!

We're honored to welcome three of the finest acoustic guitarists in the world to our 'Signature Series' slide range, featuring their very own glass slide choices ~ Kenny Sultan; Adrian Legg & Matthew Fox.

Every serious acoustic blues / slide guitarist will know Kenny ~ renowned guitar teacher, Martin Guitars and National Reso-Phonic Guitars clinician & one half of the famous ragtime / blues duo Kenny Sultan & Tom Ball.

Kenny is a long-time endorser of Diamond Bottlenecks, using his custom heavyweight lead crystal Cranberry Red 'Ultimate' on every show & clinic during the past five years ~ Kenny's 'Signature Series' slide is a reworking of his faithful 'workhorse' Ultimate.

There are many words written about U.K. fingerstylist Adrian Legg - one thing you can't do is 'pigeon-hole' Adrian to one style ~ he's a master of them all!

We welcome Adrian to our long list of endorsers, Adrian choosing a brand-new crystal glass design from our glassblowing team for his 'Signature Series' model.

We've known Matthew Fox for several years now ~ a wonderful musician specializing in Americana folk & blues music and an all-round lovely guy. Matthew is also a National Reso-Phonic clinician, touring the U.S. & recording beautiful music....welcome to the team Matt!!!

Matt has chosen another incredible new design from our glassblowing team for his 'Signature Series' crystal glass slide - please check out all of these new 'Signature Series' masterpieces on the thumbnails to the left of the page.

We receive many hundreds of testimonials here from delighted customers about our sliding glassware, and we keep them all on our database to add to the growing list on our 'Testimonials' web-page.

Occasionally we'll receive a testimonial that is so heartwarming, it makes us realise how much something as simple as an 'Ultimate' glass guitar slide can make a person's quest for guitar tone complete. My thanks go to Steve (Mac) McPeters for his kind permission to replicate his testimonial here in it's entirety...

"Okay, it's a nasty Fall day here - rainy, chilly & my butt hurts from the operation & everything. The family, they are all off doin' their things - Will at Julliard where he is studying bass. Charlie off at a percussion workshop and my wife at the Met where she works in Greek & Roman. So i'm at home feelin' crappy. The mail comes. I see Chris carrying this yellow envelope. I think it's stuff from school, Yuk! But no, it was one of the greatest things i have ever received. A piece of art and i know something about that. A piece the craftsman should feel elated about. My slide came!!! I pulled out my Epi, one of the new jazz things with one pickup, full hollow body & started playing, and ring, ring, ring every note. It's just f*****g beautiful.

I sat after playing for an hour or so and just looked at it. I'm nobody really, just a schoolteacher who really wanted to be a musician but didn't like the life, but playing with this slide, well i realize that with the right tool or good tools like with paints, i too can play what i hear.

This is a beautiful piece Ian. I wish i could shake your hand. It really is nice. It took a moment to get used to it but once i did i was wailing. I was actually pretending i was Peter Green way back. This slide is incredible! Thanks you thank you thank you. And if you ever need anyone over here to stand for your product i would gladly be that person. From just the craft side it is great, balanced and smooth. The fit is right on the money so hitting the notes is so easy. With the girth of it, it is so easy to vibrato on and off a note or slide slowly into one. It is a thing of beauty Mr. McWee, a thing of beauty and thank you...... This fall day turned out to be spectacular.

Mac McPeters.

.....no, thank you Mac...

We 'oldies' are adapting to the wonderful world of technology pretty well! We now offer a pre-order photo service whereby we can e-mail you a picture of our currently available custom glass colors or patterns which don't appear on our website.

When we receive our hand-blown crystal glass shipments from the glassblowers, there are always some awesome 'one-off' glass colors & patterns in the mix that are not listed as 'stock' colors on the website...if you wish to see the amazing pieces we have to offer, please drop us a line & we'll e-mail you a photo!

Our Endorsers;


We’re proud and greatly honored to be associated with these truly wonderful musicians, all choosing Diamond Bottlenecks as their #1 preference for sliding glassware!

World Music Statesman & slide guitar legend, Bob Brozman;

Renowned teacher, performer & Grammy-winning recording artist, Mike Dowling;

U.S. avant-garde guitarist and recording maestro, Henry Kaiser;

The awesome Hindustani slide guitarist/teacher, Debashish Bhattacharya…

...all phenomenal players – and our good friends. Please visit our Links page to find the associated website addresses for more information on all of our sliding glassware endorsers.

Barry Webber

Barry Weber;

We've been honored to receive input here from a valued member of our guitar slide research and development team, the awesome slide player from New York City, Barry Weber.

Barry was a guitar slide afficionado, collector, designer and co-hoster of the U.S. ‘ToneFest’ festivals (www.tonesociety.com)

In Barry’s own words “…In the years that I’ve been playing slide I’ve worked my way through chrome, brass, pill bottles, bottle necks and all manner of hand made glass slides. Diamond Bottlenecks are the only company that can make the dream slide in your head a reality on your finger! When it comes to custom glass slides made just the way you want, they get the job done…”

Barry Weber aka Frankenstrat2

R.I.P Barry ~ 1951 - 2010

Ian & the 'Slide Guitar Collective' team doing what they do best & enjoying the day!

Stamford Guitar Festival, June 2009.

'Guitarist' Magazine - 2004;

We're honoured to receive this 'five - star' product rev guitarist magazine 2004 reviewiew in Europe's leading specialist guitar magazine, 'Guitarist', reproduced here with the kind permission of 'Guitarist' reviews editor, Dave Burrluck.

Diamond Bottlenecks

Download the review here!