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The Best Of The Rest

Our after-sales team are often asked "Okay ~ I now have the best glass slide....what other slides are considered 'the best' out there?"....

...so here are our own recommendations for other commercially available pro-quality slides that a quick internet search will find for you - please remember, most guitar stores will have display stands on or behind counter-tops filled with good-quality guitar slides for sale in pyrex, metal and ceramic materials ~ but the products listed below are considered by us at Diamond Bottlenecks to be professional-quality 'specialist' slides for use on acoustic & resonator instruments ~ and our personal favorites for these particular instruments.


Ceramic Ceramic Slide

Available in a huge range of shapes, sizes & color choices, the 'Rocky Mountain Slide Company' based in Colorado, U.S.A. is your #1 stop for all things ceramic ~ you can also custom-order individual slides to meet specific requirements. Todd 'Doc' Sigmier is the man to contact at www.rockymountainslides.com



Daddy Slides Daddy Slide

Made in Germany - bronze, brass, stainless steel and German Silver - it's all here in an impressive range of slides & tone-bars. Individual custom-orders are also available ~ for more info contact Jan Simon at www.daddyslide.com

Lamp-worked Pyrex;

Lamp-worked Pyrex
Not to be confused with our own hand-blown glass products, 'lamp-worked' pyrex glass is a lighter weight alternative to our heavier leaded crystal & soda glass range. Based in Washington State, Jim Smith produces the best we've found of the many other 'lamp-worked' pyrex slide-makers. No website, but you can find Jim on the Etsy site as 'Jim's Tone-Tubes'.

There are a variety of other slide materials offered on the internet & promoted via social media sites ~ Bone; Wood; Plastic; Carbon Fibre etc. All work to some extent, but the 'Best Of The Rest' listed here are, in our opinion, truly professional-quality tools for the serious slide guitarist who considers this particular musical style their forté.

We hope this helps to narrow-down your 'best of' options from the hundreds of available alternatives ~ Slide On!

Ian McWee (Guitar Slide Consultant)