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Ordering & Sizing Advice.

Thank you for choosing a Diamond Bottlenecks product from our range of custom-made glass guitar slides. Each Diamond Bottlenecks glass slide is created in our workshop to your exact specifications and preferences to allow for total comfort & playing pleasure - a complete customised service to slide guitarists.

Whether your preference is for a slide to cover just two or three strings....or a 3-inch plus glass behemoth to cover the widest of fingerboards - a multitude of choices can be accomodated here in our workshop. Please allow me to take you through all the options before placing & confirming your order.

Our 'Original' and 'Redhouse' authentic glass bottleneck slides.

Our 'Original' & 'Redhouse' genuine soda-lime bottleneck slides can be ordered to any slide length of your preference. If you're a newcomer to slide guitar and just starting to find your way around the currently available gear & technique, we recommend a slide length of 56 to 60mm (2.1/4" to 2.1/2"). This slide length should cover most guitar fingerboard widths comfortably and allow for ease of playing without the slide feeling cumbersome in use.

However, if you're an experienced slide player and own a slide you currently use and feel comfortable with that length, we can match that slide length exactly with your new Diamond Bottleneck - just list your requirements on the appropriate webpage order form.

When ordering an 'Original' bottleneck from our website, please take into account the thickness of the lip section (which shouldn't touch the strings) to achieve your favored slide length. For example - if you require a slide length of 56mm (2.1/4"), you'll need to request a total length of 64mm (2.1/2") so as to allow for the 'Original's 8mm of lip section which is left intact on this particular style of bottleneck slide.

Our 'Original' & 'Redhouse' genuine bottleneck slides all have internal diameters from 17.5mm (11/16") up to 21mm (13/16"). This is the most common I.D. for all genuine wine/liquer/oil bottles. If you wish to supply us with a ring-gauge measurement of your favored slide-finger, that'll also be fine for us to work from; or just a measurement of the internal diameter from a slide you currently own & use will work for us.

Another way to find your ideal slide internal diameter is to visit your local guitar store and try out some of the most commonly-stocked slides on the counter. If you can make a note of the serial number from the slide that fits you comfortably just e-mail, call us direct, or include your findings onto the appropriate 'Buy Now' order form on our website & we can cross-reference your serial number against our own, in-house collection of slides.

We do stock a variety of 'special' bottles, so if your preference is for a bottle with a larger or smaller internal diameter, or you need a bottleneck allowing for a specially tapered or curved side-wall, or for any other special requirement that isn't listed here on our website, please contact us direct and we'll do our best to select the ideal bottle that'll meet your needs perfectly.

Wall thicknesses of genuine wine bottlenecks tend to vary between 3mm (1/8") & 4.5mm (3/16") in all of our light green, dark green, cobalt blue or clear (uncolored) glass bottle stocks.

Our 'Ultimate' hand-blown lead crystal slide.

Each 'Ultimate' hand blown lead crystal slide is custom-made by the two best glassblowers here in the U.K., therefore any internal diameter and slide length from our currently available colour options can easily be created for you.

We also receive stunning 'limited edition' custom glass colours & patterns from visting glassblowers who pass through our factory, so if you wish to see up-dated photographs - please contact us directly!

Try a 4mm thick lightweight sidewall for lightning-quick, easily manoeverable electric slide leadwork, or a hefty 7mm thick sidewall to give optimum tone from acoustic & resonator instruments - all can be created for you in our specialist workshop. The 'flat-top'; 'domed-top' and 'tapered' interior sidewall options are all featured on the 'Ultimate' webpage - please browse at your leisure & let us create your perfect slide!

Guitar slides from our 'Ultimate' lead crystal range are usually described as having a 'hi-fi' tone, and tend to be the prefered choice for many professional slide guitarists. Due to the natural structure of hand blown lead crystal glass, these slides provide perfect brilliance of color & heavier glass mass with unmatched tonal resonance, allowing for a sweet, warm sustain and improved volume over regular soda-lime wine bottle glass slides - especially when used acoustically.

When completing the ordering form on the page of your chosen slide preference, please tell us your ideal slide internal diameter or ring-gauge size, slide length and color choice offered with the 'Original' or 'Redhouse' models, plus any of the extra style options you may require when choosing a piece from the 'Ultimate' range of lead crystal slides - and when we receive order confirmation here we'll reply to you as soon as possible with delivery times and any additional information we may require to complete your order.

With very many thanks indeed for your custom, from all at 'Diamond Bottlenecks'.

Slide On!

Ian McWee, Guitar Slide Consultant.