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The Ultimate Diamond Bottlenecks

The Ultimate

"...and no piece of glass, metal or ceramic tubing can hope to match  the amazing tone of these beautiful lead crystal glass masterpieces..."

Dan Lange; Portland, Oregon-based bluesman – Dec. 2003.

Presenting the ‘Ultimate’ - our range of hand-blown lead crystal glass guitar slides. Dan’s quote above echoes the testimonials we frequently receive from many of our ‘Ultimate’ customers and endorsers who own & love the tones provided by these individually crafted guitar slides.

Totally seamless with perfectly smooth sidewalls, available in a variety of wall thicknesses (4mm up to 7mm) & colour options, these beautiful guitar slides are all tailored to meet your personal specifications, therefore we are able to offer any internal diameter, slide length & wall thicknesses required.

Please click here to see the 'Ultimate' Gallery'.

Please click here to see how these slides are created.

Our ‘Ultimate’s are offered as traditionally-styled glass guitar slides, a ‘domed-top’ closed end guitar slide & a ‘flat-top’ closed end guitar slide with the same cut profiles as our 'Original' & 'Redhouse' bottleneck range.

The Original Cut Profile

The closed end slides are most versatile for slide guitarists who also venture into the wonderful world of playing lap-slide guitar, so the guitarist can use the very same slide for both Spanish (upright) and lap-slide.

Also available to our 'Ultimate' range is the option of a tapered inner slide wall – offering superb comfort and an improved tone over conventional straight walled guitar slides. (N.B. ~ internally-tapering walls are only recommended for short-length slides)

Our ‘notch-cut’ and laser-etching engraving service is also offered on all of our ‘Ultimate’ range to add a touch more individuality – for a more detailed description of the above options, please check out our 'Customizing Options' webpage, or contact us directly from our website here for your needs.

For further information regarding the tonal differences of our glass products, please check out our F.A.Q.'s webpage.

We can now e-mail you photographs of your new slide during it's creation, right up to final-finishing stage & pre-shipping! We receive many custom glass colors & patterns from our glassblowers that don't appear on our 2013 'Ultimate' Gallery - if you can't see a specific glass color or pattern you'd like - contact us & we'll send you some of our latest pictures!

All of our 'Ultimate' slides are individually packed & shipped in their own monogrammed 'Mojo Bag' for constant protection.


£24.95, €30.00, $34.00 U.S.

Please click here to see how these slides are created.

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