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The Evolution Diamond Bottlenecks

The Evolution

"Tom Doughty is possessed of a deep musical soul, that magic link between feeling and movement which makes the slide guitar such an individual instrument. His touch is wide-ranging, and his music is full of big feeling. In a world of derivative and imitative slide guitarists, Tom's sound is unique and special."

Bob Brozman, May 2005.

Tom Doughty is a truly unique slide guitarist in a world where that term is seriously over-used & abused. We got to know Tom through originally supplying him a couple of custom-made 'Ultimate' lead-crystal glass slides - but to facilitate Tom's amazing slide style he needed extra weight without increased slide diameter.

Necessity being the mother of invention, Tom designed and created the prototype of this featured slide & asked the team at Diamond Bottlenecks to produce his idea of what we consider to be the perfect all-round guitar slide.

The Evolution Cut Profile

.Tom uses his slide constantly, proclaiming it combines perfect weight & balance without the bulkiness of other 'traditional' slides - and after two years & thousands of hours of playing in both live & recording situations the slide still performs to Tom's exacting expectations giving awesome tonal range, speed & pitch which no other slide can possibly allow.

Having the weight of heavy stainless steel & the tonal textures of pure glass in one complete package, this slide is perfect for intricate, balanced runs & has proved both rugged & hard wearing - as Tom says "I've dropped it a dozen times so far and it's still in one piece - the sure sign of a hard working slide player!".

All of Tom's C.D's and YouTube videos can be found on Tom's excellent & informative website - www.tomdoughty.com

This is such a truly unique slide we call it "Evolution" -comprising both the weight of steel & the tone of glass - one half being heavy, highly-polished stainless steel & the other half being a toughened glass insert bonded together as a tube, offering two playing surfaces from a single slide using the weight of the steel to offer a smooth, sustaining glass tone from one 'face', and a sweet, biting steel tone from the other ~ a true "Evolution"!

The "Evolution" is available in one length - 60mm (2.3/8"), with an internal diameter of 20mm. (3/4"). Premium quality highly-polished stainless steel is used for the one half of 'Evolution' ~ the other half comprises of a specially-formulated toughened 'industrial standard' glass, created to stand the rigours of playing & touring - and if you crack or smash the glass insert accidentally we'll replace it for free!

We leave the internal walls 'unfinished', this allows the player to pad-out the slide to their individual preferences in regards to reducing the I.D. & general 'feel' of the slide internals. Our "Evolution" slides are individually packed with a free C.D. of Tom talking about his slide & playing a selection of tunes, and are shipped with their own monogrammed satin 'Mojo Bag' for constant protection.


£29.95, €36.00, $40.00 U.S.

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