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Diamond Bottlenecks

Custom Slides & Bars

We are very proud & privileged to be based in the historic, world famous 'glass-quarter' of the Wordsley / Amblecote area of Stourbridge, England ~ traditionally known as the 'spiritual home' of British glassmaking for over 400 years!

Our fully-equipped design & repair shop is facilitated to create any glass guitar slide you could possibly envisage. Please e-mail, write, telephone or pay a visit in person to our workshop, and let our master glass craftsmen turn your ideas for your very own perfect glass guitar slide into reality! Please visit our Contact us page listed above for all contact details.

Reversable Slide

We take a 'Redhouse' bottleneck guitar slide; hand carve a 1/2 section of glass from one side leaving a small 'ring' of the lower rim intact, then polish the finished product to our jewelry-standard flawless, mirror finish hard-glaze shine ~ and we proudly present our own version of the 'reversible' guitar slide in 100% glass! Available in light green, dark green, cobalt blue & clear un-coloured glass, this guitar slide allows the player to switch from sliding to standard playing without the need to stop and slip on a slide whilst in mid-song!

Bottleneck Guitar Slides

Do you own a bottle which holds some great sentimental value? Or maybe a bottle you hoped could possibly one day be made into your 'dream' bottleneck guitar slide? Our team here at Diamond Bottlenecks can create a guitar slide to meet your wishes from any wine, sherry, whisky, brandy, oil, beer or soda bottle available ~ Call or drop us a line with your requirements.

Nalle Colt

Nalle Colt ~ Vintage Trouble

Mark Knopfler

mark knopfler

"Since 2011 I have used hand blown glass guitar slides exclusively, made by a company called Diamond Bottlenecks, Always my first choice."