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Customizing Options

The Redhouse

As an addition to customise your new 'Redhouse' or 'Ultimate' glass guitar slide, try our notch-cut option ~ sculpted at either end of your slide to offer extra comfort when in use.

The notch-cut wraps around the base of your finger above the palm-side of your slidin' hand, so instead of having a perfectly flat rim on the base of your slide -you'll have a nice, comfortably curved edge!

We also offer our unique laser-engraving service (as seen on the image at the top of the page) on all of our range of glass guitar slides - this is an extra £5.00 ($10.00 U.S.; €7.50 Euro) per line, and we can add any type of name, company or band logo using all recognised fonts......in fact - anything you wish onto the side of your slide, just e-mail us your requirements (or a PDF image to our website address) and we can add those requirements onto your chosen slide or quote you a price if you wish for something a little 'special'.

To complete your engraving and give it that extra 'WOW' factor we fill-in the engraving with genuine gold-leaf, or silver-leaf engravers paste. This can be easily removed by the customer in the future and be changed to any prefered color using modellers paint.

When we add any form of engraving onto one side of your slide, we always add a 'notch-cut' onto the opposite side of the engraving to stop your slide turning around while in use - this means the engraved side of your slide won't ever spin around & catch your strings, no scratching noises allowed!

Diamond Bottlenecks

OK, so you’ve now got your very own authentic glass bottleneck guitar slide…how about paying that little bit extra – and buying the actual bottle your new bottleneck slide was originally cut from!

Here at Diamond Bottlenecks we can re-work the remainder of your chosen bottle for you to keep as a flower vase, pen or pencil container…..drinking vessel???...The choice is yours!

Do you have a bottleneck style glass guitar slide that you just can’t seem to get along with due to a problem with the length being too long to feel comfortable, or the ‘cut profile’ stifles your playing style? Contact us direct & we can re-model your bottleneck slide to your exact requirements.

We also offer a unique customising service for players using the ‘reversible’ brass slides commercially available today. Using our specialist in-house glass shaping equipment, our master craftsmen are able to carve & shape a glass ‘insert’ from a genuine glass bottleneck guitar slide which fits the recess exactly – when glued firmly into place you'll have a hybrid ‘glass ‘n brass’ all-in-one swivelling guitar slide!

How about making your very own glass bottleneck slide here in our workshops! Contact us direct and arrange an appointment to visit us – bring your own favourite bottle, or choose one from our well-stocked storerooms, and let our master glass craftsmen take you through all the different stages in the noble art of bottleneck making using our specialist equipment!

Contact us direct for information relating to all the above available special options.

Diamond Bottlenecks Team

The Diamond Bottlenecks Team, Ian and Richard.