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The Pill Bottle Slide Diamond Bottlenecks

Pill Bottle Slides

Made from soda-lime (commercial wine/liquor bottle) glass ~ not Pyrex, these copies of traditional Coricidin bottle slides favored by the late Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes etc. are an electric 'pinky-finger' sliders dream come true if high-velocity electric slide is your thing....and you love using an authentic pill-bottle slide.

Only one size is available ~ the internal diameter is 18mm (0.70" ~ or 45/64" to be exact!), with a full slide playing surface of 60mm (2.3/8") to cover all six strings, something those traditional Coricidin bottles never offered - we also drill a tiny breather-hole into the roof of the slide to stop the other complaint regularly heard from pill-bottle slide players ~ stuffiness inside the slide!

The Pill Bottle Slide

We're honored to feature this video of the amazing Chris Eaton ~ one of Europe's finest slide guitar virtuoso's and performer / teachers tearing up the fretboard with his new Diamond Bottlenecks Pill Bottle slide....Many thanks indeed Chris!

Adrian Hough, a long-time endorser of Diamond Bottlenecks using his favourite glass slide for electric duties!

Ryan Taylor ~ Boston MA


£9.95, €13.50, $14.95 U.S.

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