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Workshop Tour

Workshop Front

Shop Front

Here in the heart of the U.K.'s glassworking & glass manufacturing area is our fully-equipped 'cold-working' workshop, based in the original 150 year-old Webb Corbett glass factory - this is where the 'magic' is created by our team! Please scroll down to see our 'Artisans at Work' utilising a variety of 27 water-fed glass-cutters, shapers & polishers...

Our shop frontage - we share these workshops with 'Redhouse Glasscrafts' - our parent company & the U.K.'s #1 glass repair and restoration specialists.

Birds Eye View

Our 'cold-work' shop

Birds-eye view from the first-floor gallery overlooking the workbenches & ground floor.

This first-floor is our main stock holding area where we keep our collection of empty bottles & crystal tubes....

First Cut

First Cut

First-cut; each bottle and Crystal tube is cut using a variety of water-fed diamond cutting wheels...Ian here begins the initial 'cut' to create a 'Redhouse' piece.

Initial Shaping

Initial Shaping

Initial shaping of the 'cut-profiles' using our water-fed linishing belt equipment - these machines have been specially-modified for us from original metal-working sanders!

diamond wheels

Diamond Wheels

Richard adds the first shaping phase of the inner chamfers on the slo-rotating diamond wheels - there'll be two more operations on this part of the process to complete!

Polpur Wheel

Polpur Wheel

The 'Polpur Wheel' - one of the pieces of our equipment that just isn't available anymore....a traditional machine (originally powered by foot-treddle's) which is invaluable to us - we have great experience in fixing it whenever it breaks down!

Using various Cerium Oxide pastes, this machine 'second-polishes' the shaped bottlenecks & crystal tubes, de-seaming it in the same process....


Final Polishing

Two brush-wheels complete the last (third) stage of final-polishing to the outside playing surface of our bottlenecks & crystal tubes using fine-grade Cerium Oxide pastes

wax-shaping & polishing

Wax-shaping & Polishing

The final-stages of the creation....wax-shaping & polishing the inner chamfers using a selection of fine-grade sanding belts to achieve a perfectly smooth curved inside edge - if any unsmoothed edges are found on final inspection they're re-polished by hand using oil-stone handfiles!



As we completed this photo-shoot, a customer called in to try out a few slides. He left two hours later a very happy fellow!

Thanks for joining us on our workshop tour - most of the equipment you see here are custom-made pieces, or impossible to obtain now due to the downturn in glass manufacturing across the globe...i'm pleased to say that we do have spare parts to keep the wheels turning!

We are now able to take visitors who are interested in how our glass bottlenecks & slides are created on a tour of our workshop (maximum 4 people per group), so if you'd like to create your own bottleneck from a bottle you have - or choose a piece from our vast glass & bottle stocks - please contact us & we'll be happy to arrange your visit!

Our team

Ian and Richard - The team in 2013