Diamond Bottlenecks
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Diamond Bottlenecks
The Original Diamond Bottlenecks

The Original.

"....made to our genuine ‘Original’ recipe...."

Our traditional, authentic glass bottleneck guitar slide. Hand-crafted from carefully selected 100% recycled wine, sherry, brandy and Olive Oil bottles, these glass bottleneck slides give you a tone and ‘feel’ harking back to the days of the original Delta Blues slide guitarists.

Available in a choice of straight, tapered or curved sides to suit all guitar fingerboard radius options, we offer three different ‘cut’ profiles.....

The Original Cut Profile

....both bottleneck seams are buffed out & the whole slide is diamond-polished to a jewelry standard using three-stage water-fed polishing/shaping belts, we finally hand-finish each bottleneck using fine-grade cerium oxide pastes, resulting in a lustrous, flawless mirror quality hard-glaze shine.

All of our ‘Original’ range of glass bottleneck guitar slides are available in light or dark green glass, cobalt blue or clear uncoloured glass, with current available internal diameters ranging from 17.5mm (11/16" - U.S. ring size 7 1/4) up to 19mm (3/4" - U.S. ring size 11), and slide length options available from 30mm through to 70mm.

Our ‘Original’ bottleneck slides are then individually packed and shipped out to you in their very own monogrammed ‘Mojo Bag’ for constant protection.

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£7.95, €10.00, $11.00 U.S.

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