Diamond Bottlenecks
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Diamond Bottlenecks

Endorsing Artists

You can find many of these artists' websites featured on our recommended links page for individual player information or see our Artist Section in our Gallery, and you can now also click onto our 'Video Vault' webpage thumbnail to check out their wonderful music!

Glass Bottleneck Slides

Ultimate Slides

Crystal Tone-Bars

Mike Dowling Kevin Brown Debashish Bhattacharya
Catfish Keith Sonny Landreth Fred Kinbom
Steve James Mark Knopfler David Mason
"Wandrin" Johnny Alderson Roger Hubbard Pete Woodman
Ashley Dow Martin Simpson Russ Young
Perry Foster Bryn Haworth Frank Gallinagh
Jon Vesey Brian Kramer Charlie Olson
Rollie Tussing III Tom Doughty Rick Alexander
David Kampmann Roland Chadwick Jordan Rudess
Lovat Fraser Papa George Steinar Gregertsen
Barry 'Big B.' Brenner Nick Jones John Henry
Wizz Jones Andy Kirkham Jim Petit
Pat Allen Johan Eliasson Henry Kaiser
Grady Musick Cole Stevens Tony Iommi
Jim Crawford Howard Emerson Paolo Conti
Fred J. Anderson Dan Bryson Giovanni Bailo
Gary Newkirk Ramon Goose Jim Murray
Aaron Wooley Ralph Skuban Philip Henry
Pascal Mesnier Adrian Hough  
John Devine Louisiana Red  
Ian Siegal Robbie McIntosh  
Eddie Wright Steve James  
Conrad Praetzel Dave Ellis  
Guy Tortora Mark Searcy  
'Slidin Steve' Thompson Andy Martin  
J.J. Manning Dave Colquhoun  
Paul Asbell Jim Petit  
Ray DeLamar Henry Kaiser  
Dave Mullany Allan Taylor  
Micah Kesselring Kenny Sultan  
Armin Lonsinger Michael Berk  
Derek 'Blind Lemon' Robinson Jack Johnson  
Charlie Parr Mike Brosnan  
Francois Ageorges John Wiltshire-Butler  
Taylor Strickland Graham Hine  
Kazuhiro Ochi Gwyn Ashton  
AndrĂ© Nizzari Matthew Fox  
Bryan Freeze 'Dr. Wu' Dan Phelps  
Mark Johnson Richard Fortus  
Danny Clayburn Bob McCarthy  
Clifton Hyde 'Diamond' Dac Charnley  
  Lou Glandfield  
  Micky Moody  
  Steinar Gregertsen  
  Janick Gers  
  Bert Deivert  
  Janne Zander  
  Greg Lake  
  Dave Mullany  
  John Howland  
  Randy MacFarland  
  Frank De Franceschi  
  Michael Flunkert  
  John Pappajohn  
  Barry Reeves  
  Ken Bonfield  
  Martin O'Sullivan  
  AndrĂ© Nizzari  
  Adrian Legg  
  Jack Blackman  
  Will Scott  
  Tony Davillo  
  Hamah Moh  

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